Sometimes You Just Can't Win

Released April 4, 2012
Price: Free!
Download here!

In the game of life, do you ever really win?

"Sometimes You Just Can't Win" is a "game" where you manage an employee as he works in an office. The employee faces different and possibly difficult working situations, and you can help him by buying gifts and items to affect his mood, motivating them through a project.

Featuring realistic 8-bit pixel "Designer Artstyle", authentic Chiptune/Synthesized music (noise), and so many in-jokes that will not be obvious to most people, this inspired by real life event "game" will evoke gritty emotions (mostly rage) out of all players.

Find out more about this game and the story behind it here: http://haroldli.ca/ios/justcantwin.php

Free additional stages and minigames will be arriving in the coming weeks.


In the current version (0.6), the game features:
- 20 levels
- GameCenter Achievements and Leaderboard support
- Has sounds, visuals
- Designed for both iPad and iPhone

To find out more about the game:

Sometimes You Just Can't Win - Q&A
Quick question and answer section about the game.

Sometimes You Just Can't Win - An In Depth Look
(Recommended Reading once you've finished the game)

Sometimes You Just Can't Win - Behind the Scenes
(Read only if you REALLY want to dig around my design decisions.)

"ITT: AlphaTwo00 tells all about the time he was in GameDev & you gets free iOS "game""
A NeoGAF post on my time in game development (Warning: may contain naughty words and unflattering comments)

Download here!

New for 0.6.4
- Support for iPhone 5 Widescreen
- iPad Visual Bug fix
- Performance Improvements

New for 0.6.3
- Performance Improvements
- Bug Fixes

New for 0.6.2
- Minor Balance issue
- Minor Menu Flow Adjustments
- Some theming for the holidays

New for 0.6.1
- Quick Fix for a "Rate Me" screen bug.
- Enabled new achievements.

New for 0.6
- Fixed a Saving bug that overwrites progress.
- Revised ending scenario (with new challenge)
- Rebalanced specific stages that were too difficult
- Rebalanced game item stats (gift effects)
- Improved User Experience on player input
- 8 new stages in "Alternate Reality"
- 8 new achievements
- 1 new mini game

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