The Minus World

So, what is the minus world?
If you've come this far into the page, and wasn't afraid of clicking on this link, I would have assumed you'd know what you were doing. But for the uninitiated:
Mario Wiki on Minus World wrote:
The Minus World is a glitch level found in Super Mario Bros. It is an underwater level (exactly like World 2-2 in geography and enemy locations) that cannot be finished (the pipe at the end is glitched and takes the player back to the start)

So, what does that mean in this context on this site? Well, partially, it's for all the random stuff that doesn't fit in any particular category. Also, it's the testing area where I can play around with the site, post stuff, and see what works and doesn't.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: The header image for this page: various drawings from eons ago by me. I was initially using that as a header for a page dedicated to me drawing stuff (mostly cars). Let's just say that never really panned out.
Test Page for new header in Professions page


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