Slow Clap Initiative

Released: May 17th, 2011
Price: FREE!
Download here!

The Slow Clap Initiative is very simple: Clap. Slowly.

Requiring minimal effort and power to use, this single serving app only has one button and a slider: hold down the button, and it will clap; adjust the slider to your slow clapping needs. Best of all, it's free!

Download it.

For Science.

Download here!

Planned update for Version 2.1.1
Support for iPad with Retina.

New for Version 2.1
Improved Scaling function for clapping effect.
Bug fix for improper audio speed dialog.
Re-recorded better sound effects.
Updated links.

New for Version 2.0
Rewrote app into Cocos2D for better user experience
Retina Icons
Fix settings menu on iPad, changes is not updated immediately.

New for Version 1.5
Now a Universal App, supporting iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices
Orientation rotation support

New for Version 1.4
New Gesture based clapping
New option for "Extra Slow Clapping"
Improved simutanious audio playback
Fixed potential memory leak

New for Version 1.3
Fixed audio issue for resuming audio after suspending application.

New for Version 1.2
Now supports OS 4.0
Improved performance with sound playback on 3G/3GS devices

New for Version 1.1
Help Page
Additional sounds
Fixed inverted bug with speed scrollbar.

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