Professional Endeavors

While I am a programmer by training, my main passion is in Game Design. I worked at Koei Canada (now known as Tecmo Koei Canada) for almost 4 years as a game designer and programmer. After departing Tecmo Koei Canada, I've began looking towards game and app development on iOS. You can find more about my work on LinkedIn or see my current resume.
SingleServingGames - Deep Space

Released May 1, 2013
Price: $0.99
Download here! (Or get the free Lite version: Deep Space Lite)

A tribute to simpler times, Deep Space is a simple SHMUP like game where players compete against their own high score to go as far as they can.

Players who persist will be greeted with increasing difficulty, in addition to a variety of visual themes from different stages of the history of shmup games.

v1.0 release includes 15 stages of tense, thrilling dodging action, with more levels to be released soon.

Download here!

New 1.0.1
- Critical Bug Fixes
- Now required iOS5
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SingleServingGames - QuickTap

Released December 11, 2012
Price: $0.99
Download here!

How fast can you tap?

The goal is simple, a series of numbers or letters appear, and you must tap the sorted order to advance! The game ramps up in difficulty as different orientation and more combinations comes to play.

Challenge the high score, and test your quick reflex and observational skills today!

Download here!

Coming Soon 1.1
- New Game Modes
- New Font Options
- New Achievements
- Music / Volume Control
- iOS5 Support

New for 1.0.1
- Bug Fixes
- New Achievements
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Sometimes You Just Can't Win

Released April 4, 2012
Price: Free!
Download here!

In the game of life, do you ever really win?

"Sometimes You Just Can't Win" is a "game" where you manage an employee as he works in an office. The employee faces different and possibly difficult working situations, and you can help him by buying gifts and items to affect his mood, motivating them through a project.

Featuring realistic 8-bit pixel "Designer Artstyle", authentic Chiptune/Synthesized music (noise), and so many in-jokes that will not be obvious to most people, this inspired by real life event "game" will evoke gritty emotions (mostly rage) out of all players.

Find out more about this game and the story behind it here: http://haroldli.ca/ios/justcantwin.php

Free additional stages and minigames will be arriving in the coming weeks.


In the current version (0.6), the game features:
- 20 levels
- GameCenter Achievements and Leaderboard support
- Has sounds, visuals
- Designed for both iPad and iPhone

To find out more about the game:

Sometimes You Just Can't Win - Q&A
Quick question and answer section about the game.

Sometimes You Just Can't Win - An In Depth Look
(Recommended Reading once you've finished the game)

Sometimes You Just Can't Win - Behind the Scenes
(Read only if you REALLY want to dig around my design decisions.)

"ITT: AlphaTwo00 tells all about the time he was in GameDev & you gets free iOS "game""
A NeoGAF post on my time in game development (Warning: may contain naughty words and unflattering comments)

Download here!

New for 0.6.4
- Support for iPhone 5 Widescreen
- iPad Visual Bug fix
- Performance Improvements

New for 0.6.3
- Performance Improvements
- Bug Fixes

New for 0.6.2
- Minor Balance issue
- Minor Menu Flow Adjustments
- Some theming for the holidays

New for 0.6.1
- Quick Fix for a "Rate Me" screen bug.
- Enabled new achievements.

New for 0.6
- Fixed a Saving bug that overwrites progress.
- Revised ending scenario (with new challenge)
- Rebalanced specific stages that were too difficult
- Rebalanced game item stats (gift effects)
- Improved User Experience on player input
- 8 new stages in "Alternate Reality"
- 8 new achievements
- 1 new mini game
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Game Budget

Released June 30th, 2011
Price: FREE!
Download here!

Game Budget is a financial app that helps you track, organize upcoming game purchases, and help you budget your future purchases and preorders. With a simple and easy to use layout, you can quickly keep track of upcoming games you are interested in, when they come out, and how much they cost. Overbudget for a certain month? You can quickly compare what games are out within the same period, and make smart decisions on what game to get and what game can wait.

Sort by 30 days, monthly, quarterly, and yearly
Automatically calculate tax (optional feature)
Track preorder deposits

Download here!

New for 1.1
IPad/iPhone 5 support
Improved interface
Allow for creating decimal tax values
Easier way to delete expired entries
New sort option: see next 30 days
Allow individual calculation of tax per game
New way to denote preorder game and preorder deposit
Export database to email

New for Version 1.0.2
Fixed a bug preventing the July - September table from being displayed.

New for Version 1.0.1
Fixed a rare exit crash bug on 3G devices when adding a new game.
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Who's Who?

Released: June 7th, 2011
Price: FREE!
Download here!

Who's Who? is an app that provides a simple way to remember your friend's online pseudonym for all gaming platforms. Can't be bothered to remember who "John_X24748" or"AlienInvasion42" is? Record it down so that the app does the remembering for you!

Who's Who? provides a quick and easy way for you to input any of your friend's online profiles and reference them to something you know. Instead of trying to guess out who is "MythicJumper", you write additional notes to remind you it's Mike from your office, who has an account on XBox Live.

The app supports data fields for:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* XBox Live Gamertag
* PSN Profile
* Steam ID
* Wii & 3DS Usernames

Download here!

Coming update for 1.2 - Date TBD
Improved User Interface
New Profiles supported: Origin, Battle.net, NNID
iPhone 5 support
iPad support

New for 1.1
Now supports OS 4.0
Improved UI Images for Retina Support
Improved table scrolling
Fixed bug in 3G devices on saving empty data
Rewrote details view to improve performance and usability
E-Mail profile support
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Friend Code & NNID Organizer

Released: May 26th, 2011
Price: FREE!
Download here!

Are you frustrated by having write down and remember Nintendo Friend Codes for the games and systems you own?

The Friend Code Organizer can help by providing an easy to use interface which allows you to write down your Friend Codes for your Nintendo 3DS system, Nintendo DS games, Nintendo Wii U system, Nintendo Wii system and Nintendo Wii games.

Meet a friend away from the system, and want to remember their friend code? Add it into the "Friend's Code" page to remind yourself later!

This simple tool is a must have for any owners of the Nintendo DS, 3DS Wii and Wii U systems.

Download here!

New for Version 1.3
iPhone 5, iPad support
Improved User Interface
Improved list sorting options
Fixed sorting bug
WiiU NNID storage support

New for Version 1.2.1
Fixed a bug that prevents Friend Code numbers start with 0 to be added.
Improved image loading.

New for Version 1.2
Now supports OS 4.0
Improved UI Images for Retina Support
Friend Code Input improvements
Changed Name Capitalization
Fixed a rare memory leak issue
Easier deleting of items on details screen
Send friend codes via e-mail
Retrieve Friend Name via Address Book
Sort and Group Friends code by Game Name, Friend Name, or System
Improved performance on 3G devices when browsing large amounts of entry

New for Version 1.1
Fixed potential bug with ordering of system and games
Layout changes to entry screens
Fixed non-responsive "Done" keyboard button
Improved Friend Code entry screen, improved check for friend code entry
Games can be associated with a system
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Slow Clap Initiative

Released: May 17th, 2011
Price: FREE!
Download here!

The Slow Clap Initiative is very simple: Clap. Slowly.

Requiring minimal effort and power to use, this single serving app only has one button and a slider: hold down the button, and it will clap; adjust the slider to your slow clapping needs. Best of all, it's free!

Download it.

For Science.

Download here!

Planned update for Version 2.1.1
Support for iPad with Retina.

New for Version 2.1
Improved Scaling function for clapping effect.
Bug fix for improper audio speed dialog.
Re-recorded better sound effects.
Updated links.

New for Version 2.0
Rewrote app into Cocos2D for better user experience
Retina Icons
Fix settings menu on iPad, changes is not updated immediately.

New for Version 1.5
Now a Universal App, supporting iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices
Orientation rotation support

New for Version 1.4
New Gesture based clapping
New option for "Extra Slow Clapping"
Improved simutanious audio playback
Fixed potential memory leak

New for Version 1.3
Fixed audio issue for resuming audio after suspending application.

New for Version 1.2
Now supports OS 4.0
Improved performance with sound playback on 3G/3GS devices

New for Version 1.1
Help Page
Additional sounds
Fixed inverted bug with speed scrollbar.
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Warriors: Legends of Troy (XBox 360 / PlayStation 3)


Released: March 15th, 2011

Warriors: Legends of Troy is an action game developed by Tecmo Koei Canada. It was released on the PS3 and XBox 360.
Official Site: http://www.tecmokoeiamerica.com/troy/

On this project, I was a responsible for the following:
- Designed and implemented a Boss fight based on pre-existing art assets (Flow of battle, AI Movement and Action routines, Difficulty balancing).
- Created the requirements needed for Achievement system and Rich Presence system.
- Created and implemented rumble feedback for player actions.
- Implemented and refined action combat system based on testing feedback (frame counts, responsiveness, player feedback issues).

Here's the official trailer for the game:


Some Highlights:

Chapter 13 - Resolve

Warriors: Legends of Troy - Chapter 13 Resolve HD Gameplay

This video shows off the combat of Paris, a range attack character, battling through hordes of enemies, eventually leading to the Griffin boss fight.

Challenge Mode - Arena

Warriors : Legends of Troy - Challenge : Arena

This video shows one of the challenge modes where places battle against different enemies in one to one combat situations. It shows off some of the player attack timing/transition work that I helped to refine.
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Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special (Japan Only) (Playstation Portable)

Release date: October 22nd, 2009

Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special (known as Dynasty Warriors 6) is a PlayStation Portable version of the popular action strategy game. This version of the game was only released in Japan.

Official Site: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/smusou5sp/

On this project, I was a responsible for the following:
- Managed UI/Menu schedule, designed required menu flow for Playstation Portable port.
- Wrote tools for automating conversion process,
- UI code implementation. Rewrote key UI files based on existing Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 code base.
- Created and managed testing schedule, bug tracking and verification process.

Here's the official trailer for the game (in Japanese):

Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special TGS 09 Gameplay trailer

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