Friend Code & NNID Organizer

Released: May 26th, 2011
Price: FREE!
Download here!

Are you frustrated by having write down and remember Nintendo Friend Codes for the games and systems you own?

The Friend Code Organizer can help by providing an easy to use interface which allows you to write down your Friend Codes for your Nintendo 3DS system, Nintendo DS games, Nintendo Wii U system, Nintendo Wii system and Nintendo Wii games.

Meet a friend away from the system, and want to remember their friend code? Add it into the "Friend's Code" page to remind yourself later!

This simple tool is a must have for any owners of the Nintendo DS, 3DS Wii and Wii U systems.

Download here!

New for Version 1.3
iPhone 5, iPad support
Improved User Interface
Improved list sorting options
Fixed sorting bug
WiiU NNID storage support

New for Version 1.2.1
Fixed a bug that prevents Friend Code numbers start with 0 to be added.
Improved image loading.

New for Version 1.2
Now supports OS 4.0
Improved UI Images for Retina Support
Friend Code Input improvements
Changed Name Capitalization
Fixed a rare memory leak issue
Easier deleting of items on details screen
Send friend codes via e-mail
Retrieve Friend Name via Address Book
Sort and Group Friends code by Game Name, Friend Name, or System
Improved performance on 3G devices when browsing large amounts of entry

New for Version 1.1
Fixed potential bug with ordering of system and games
Layout changes to entry screens
Fixed non-responsive "Done" keyboard button
Improved Friend Code entry screen, improved check for friend code entry
Games can be associated with a system

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