Who's Who?

Released: June 7th, 2011
Price: FREE!
Download here!

Who's Who? is an app that provides a simple way to remember your friend's online pseudonym for all gaming platforms. Can't be bothered to remember who "John_X24748" or"AlienInvasion42" is? Record it down so that the app does the remembering for you!

Who's Who? provides a quick and easy way for you to input any of your friend's online profiles and reference them to something you know. Instead of trying to guess out who is "MythicJumper", you write additional notes to remind you it's Mike from your office, who has an account on XBox Live.

The app supports data fields for:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* XBox Live Gamertag
* PSN Profile
* Steam ID
* Wii & 3DS Usernames

Download here!

Coming update for 1.2 - Date TBD
Improved User Interface
New Profiles supported: Origin, Battle.net, NNID
iPhone 5 support
iPad support

New for 1.1
Now supports OS 4.0
Improved UI Images for Retina Support
Improved table scrolling
Fixed bug in 3G devices on saving empty data
Rewrote details view to improve performance and usability
E-Mail profile support

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