Game Budget

Released June 30th, 2011
Price: FREE!
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Game Budget is a financial app that helps you track, organize upcoming game purchases, and help you budget your future purchases and preorders. With a simple and easy to use layout, you can quickly keep track of upcoming games you are interested in, when they come out, and how much they cost. Overbudget for a certain month? You can quickly compare what games are out within the same period, and make smart decisions on what game to get and what game can wait.

Sort by 30 days, monthly, quarterly, and yearly
Automatically calculate tax (optional feature)
Track preorder deposits

Download here!

New for 1.1
IPad/iPhone 5 support
Improved interface
Allow for creating decimal tax values
Easier way to delete expired entries
New sort option: see next 30 days
Allow individual calculation of tax per game
New way to denote preorder game and preorder deposit
Export database to email

New for Version 1.0.2
Fixed a bug preventing the July - September table from being displayed.

New for Version 1.0.1
Fixed a rare exit crash bug on 3G devices when adding a new game.

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