The Things I Do

CS488 - Lawnmower Racer (OpenGL Game) (2006)
Along with the Ray Tracer app, I also wrote an OpenGL "game", Lawnmower Racer, in 2 weeks as a final project.

Some Sample Screens:
Default view
Lot's of casted lights
Heavy Blurring when Turbo is activated.
More motion blur
Fog Enabled
Changing the FOV camera
Free floating camera


The two examples screens: Motion blur, particle effects, texture and perlin mapping, along with a giant mirror in the world to show reflections.

The basis of the project was to create a "game" or "application" that would use a laundry checklist of OpenGL features. I had decided on making a Lawnmower game, which in hindsight, wasn't the best idea. I had spent too much time tweaking the handling of the car, and eventually fell behind on the project. I was forced to reduce the scope of the project, and had started working extra hours. In the end, 60 hours of non sleep, and it is perhaps the most rewarding experience yet.

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