The Things I Do

CMS Website (2006 - Present)
All the way back in 2000 (Yes, my High school years, if you're keeping track), I had a personal website running using the domain alphatwo-web.net. It was where I first started playing around with HTML, CSS, and using Photoshop for layout/image editing.

Fast forward to 2006, armed with some knowledge of PHP and MySQL, I had figured it'd be a good time to re-write my website. Using PHP and MySQL, I wrote a rudimentary CMS based on my specific needs. What you're reading now is the end product. This custom CMS solution was built primary within a span of 8 weeks.

Using existing layout format I had built up before, this CMS has a very simple setup requirements:
  • User login and authentication
  • Story management
  • File management
From a usability standpoint, these were the few goals:
  • Support multiple writers of needed
  • Levels of user rights for allowing posting/editing (handled via user permission)
  • Create/Edit/Publish articles
  • Submit process must require no HTML experience (Hence, posts are stored in BBCode format)
  • File and folder uploads from web interface

In the last few years though, the feature-set has been mostly stable, with modifications only when incompatibility issues arose.

In February 2011, I began work again on the CMS, fixing broken issues when the host migrated to PHP5, and resolving usability issues in terms of content management.

(C) Copyright 2007-2011. HaroldLi.ca. All rights reserved. Custom CMS setup (PHP, MySQL) written by Harold Li. Best viewed at 1024x768 or higher.